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SPARK Apartments
SPARK Provides high density mixed-income, workforce housing with 80 percent of its units designated affordable. The color, materiality, and texture of SPARK takes its cues from the industrial and durable materials of the adjacent power plant including brick, steel, and metal panel nodding to the past in a clean modern format. The weathered timeless look of Coreten steel and dark charcoal brick at the base are offset by light metal paneling with bright colored accents on the higher massings, which is softened by lushly landscaped terraces and roof gardens that are home to bee hives, providing fresh vegetables and honey to the residents. The community fronts Temple Street and the transit station with a small urban plaza and street-facing retail, which opens to a courtyard shared by tenants and customers alike. A 10,000 square foot childcare facility anchors one of the Temple Street corners and provides a dedicated play area. The additional 4,000 square feet of retail is designed as a grab and go market. Open space along the ground floor on the north side of the community is reserved for bike trails and edible gardens that include fruit-bearing trees, rosemary, sage and lavender. Providing residents and the public a place to stop and soak in the aromas of the garden and deepening the connection between the established and the new. The units on the upper floors are arranged in a large “U” shape surrounding a private residential courtyard and numerous roof terraces. SPARK’s building composition reflects the varied uses of daycare, retail and housing.
Client: Goldman Sachs
Project Budget: Undisclosed
Scope: Investor Representative
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
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